About Kathaakaar

An artisan possesses the power to make people feel things. Imagine holding your morning cup of tea in your hands and while it warms you, the cup made from the ancient art of Manipur Black Pottery brings you joy.

The craftsmen and women in India have for years been creating art that belongs to everybody, in every home, suited for every occasion. This purpose of art has slowly and over the years got so diluted, that crafts went from, being an essential commodity to being a coveted item in the possession of a select few. 

Kathaakaar has ventured into building a journey that fulfils the true purpose of diverse handicrafts in India. It aims at ensuring that every Indian Handicraft gets its fair share of visibility and equal opportunity to keep itself alive while allowing the artisans to sustain a livelihood.

Kathaakaar also aims to make the most unique types of craft accessible and available to all, as a utility that enhances the stylish and aesthetic quality of the common person’s home.